DADH2018 Useful Tips

Dear DADH 2018 registrants:

Thank you very much for signing up for the DADH 2018 conference. There are only 10 days left before the meeting. Here, the DADH 2018 Secretariat Office has several things to remind everyone.


  • As there are a large number of participants in this conference, please arrive as early as possible to complete the registration process before the start of the conference.
  • If you could print out your registration confirmation, that would speed up the registration process.
  • If you expect to arrive on campus and stay on Monday the 17th of December, we will provide you with a check-in service at the Chan Yue Pavilion (the reception area of campus dormitory).
  • If you arrive on campus during the conference, we will direct you to the venue to register for the conference first.


  • If you arrive at the Dharma Drum bus platform by public transportation, you will be able to see the DADH reception staff once you step off the bus. Please follow their directions to arrive at the venue.
  • If you are driving by yourself, please print the attachment car.pdf and fill in your mobile telephone number and put it in the windshield. The guards will let you through once you arrive at Dharma Drum. Please note that Dharma Drum is also a Buddhist place of pilgrimage and parking is quite strict. Please park in the parking places reserved for the conference, and not on the roadside.
  • If you are taking a taxi, please print the attachment taxi.pdf, and once you arrive at Dharma Drum, show it to the guards. The guards will direct the taxi to the venue.


  • As Dharma Drum is a Buddhist center, please do not bring alcohol or non-vegetarian food with you.
  • No meals are sold in Dharma Drum: all food is provided by the central kitchen. Mealtimes are punctual, and if you arrive after 17.00, there may be no food to eat. If you plan to arrive after 17:00, it is highly recommended that you arrive after having had your meal.


  • The three-day conference is divided into 3 keynote speeches, 8 presentation sessions, 6 panel discussions, and 2 parallel conferences. The presentation sessions will be held in the GC001, GC002 and GC003 auditoriums respectively.
  • The official languages of the conference are Chinese and English. All talks given in GC001 will have simultaneous translation provided.
  • The time for each presentation is 20 minutes, A bell will sound once to signal the remaining 3 minutes, and it will sound twice to mark the end of time. Discussion time is 5 minutes.
  • The conference will prepare a notebook computer running Windows at the conference venue, preloaded with MS Powerpoint 2010 and Acrobat PDF Reader. If you need to use your own computer, a standard HDMI (recommended), and a VGA projector connector will be available on site.
  • Mac users will need to use their computers for their presentations. Please remember to bring the corresponding adaptor and please go to the venue to test the projection equipment beforehand.

Electrical Equipment

The electrical voltage in use in Taiwan is 110v, and the plug specifications are: NEMA 1 (Type A) (reference link) and NEMA 5 (Type B) (reference link)


  • The weather in Taiwan in December is changeable but usually cold and wet. As Dharma Drum is also located on a mountainside by the coast, it is also quite windy. Please bring a windcheater or raincoat and some warm clothes. It is also recommended you check the local weather conditions before arrival. (link)
  • If you bring your own rain gear to the venue, please keep it with you so as to avoid it being taken by others.

Drinking Water

Water dispensers are available on campus and we will also provide tea and beverages during the breaks. For the sake of environmental protection, we suggest you bring your own flask or travel mug.

We wish all of you have a pleasant journey to Taiwan and looking forward to see you soon in DADH.