The Tea Chan Experience

“The Warmth of the Soil and the Hands” – Tea and Tea Chan

Tea Chan Experience: On the second day, Wednesday December 19th, 18:30–20:00

Tea is a form of kungfu – applied skill. Leaves from the same tea tree can produce a multitude of fragrances: white tea; green tea; yellow tea; oolong tea; red tea; black tea… China has been called the home of tea, not only because it was the place where the tea plant first emerged, but also because its people treated tea as a form of life which bridged heaven and earth.

A tea-leaf falling into water, changing its flavor; from this encounter, we have tea. The tea, going through water and fire, its life cycle of birth and death, encounters us, and from that moment on, we have a story.

The clarity and purity of tea, and the stillness and tranquillity of Chan invite you to enjoy the “single taste of tea and Chan.””